HTTPS and Certified SSL CertificateSecure your site with an SSL certificate. With the SSL certificate, you will gain maximum trust from visitors to your website. Google considers the HTTPS protocol as a SEO factor and rewards sites that have adopted it. Unsecured sites have a negative impact on users who do not hesitate to visit a competitor's secure site. An SSL certificate is used to secure transactions between the user's computer and the server hosting your website.

/ year

AlphaSSL Certificate

  • For individuals and businesses
  • No documents needed
  • Encryption: SHA2
  • Encryption: between 128 and 256 bits
  • Browser support

/ year

Wildcard SSL Certificate

  • This certificate covers primary domain
  • This certificate covers subdomain
  • For individuals and businesses
  • Encryption: between 128 and 256 bits
  • Encryption: SHA2

/ year

Extended Validation SSL

  • Server licenses: unlimited
  • Very high confidence and security
  • green identification in the address line
  • Encryption 256 Bit Length 2048 Bit
  • Allowed for Amazon Payments

Free with all packages

Free Web Apps/CMS

All our offers are 100% compatible with site creation software and open-source e-commerce solutions like WordPress, PrestaShop, SPIP, DotClear, phpBB, Magento, OS Commerce ...

Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

The Let's Encrypt certificate is included on all our accommodations. The HTTPS protocol is thus activated for encrypted connection and enhanced security. The SSL certificate secures the data your visitors enter on your website.

Anti-virus & anti-spam

AShostweb offers protection against emails that contain viruses. Anti-spam protection automatically filters all types of emails and places them directly in the spam folder. All our servers are also protected by anti-spam protection.